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Service and Repair

Service and Repair

We know how important your mobility is to you and we are eager to keep you moving. We provide service & repair to our current patients and the wheelchairs that we provided to them. If Certified Seating and Mobility provided you your wheelchair and you need services give us a call and we will promise to work as quickly as possible to get your equipment meeting your expectations. Your comfort and satisfaction is our number one priority.

We proudly service our existing customers wheelchairs that we provided to them. If you are an existing customer and in need of services give us a call so we can help you get rolling again.

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If you are an existing customer and in need of service and/or repair give us a call.

Other Services We Offer


Manual wheelchairs play a vital role in providing mobility and independence to individuals with physical disabilities. Their versatility, affordability, and user-friendly design make them a popular choice.


Power wheelchairs offer a transformative solution for individuals with limited mobility, providing not only independence but also the ability to explore and engage with the world more freely.


Assistive Technology that gives a voice to a wide range of speech and language needs. Certified Seating and Mobility is able to support you and your treating speech-language pathologist through the entire process from referral to delivery.

Complex Rehab Technology equipment

Wheelchair service and repair play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and safety of mobility devices. we are committed to responding and working as quickly as possible to get your equipment in the best condition.

Questions? We have answers!

We want to make the process as easy on you as possible. From working with clinicians and insurers, to customizing your equipment so it’s perfect for you, we’re by your side.